Self building your home – visit national self build centre

The national self build and renovation centre is a great opportunity for novices who are embarking a new self build project or improvements to their existing home. Inside you’ll find numerous exhibitors and various trades demonstrating their products from kitchen styles, stoves, different types of wall insulation, drainage, the list is endless.  There was even a full size house mock up from Potton demonstrating the latest in smart technology and a glimpse of what the future holds for today’s home. Continue reading “Self building your home – visit national self build centre”

national technical standards replaces code for sustainable homes

National Technical Standards replacing Code for Sustainable Homes

Government to withdraw Code for Sustainable Homes for National Technical Standards

Back on the 20th January 2015, Wiltshire Council adopted the Wiltshire Core Strategy and as such Core Policy 41 requires all new homes to incorporate design measures to reduce energy demands and at a minimum, meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.

However in March 2015 the Government decided to withdraw the Code for Sustainable Homes however if any Council have adopted this policy as part of their Core Strategy, then elements of the code still apply set at the equivalent of a code level 4.

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