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Illustrate your proposal in the context it derserves

A site plan is a detailed layout of the proposed scheme within your ownership. The site plan must illustrate the extents of proposed works in relation to nearby roads, neighbouring properties amongst other key information.

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Do I need a site plan for my planning application?

A site plan (or block plan) is required for all planning applications. The site plan will demostrate the extent of the works so the Local Planning Authority can review the scheme to ensure whether

The Local Planning Authority have requested a site plan or block plan?

No problem, we can use your proposal and illustrate it in the context the planners requires. This would involve purchasing a Ordnance Survey map to gather key information such as the neighbouring properties, roads and landscape to an appropriate scale.

Learn more about Ordnance Survey Map

What is the process involved for a colour site plan?

If you require a site plan in colour, you can email the drawings in either CAD or PDF format. We can then convert the drawings to a suitable format and scale to an appropriate size to fit on to specific paper (usally 1:100 or 1:200). Using our library of materials, we can then add specific materials, landscape and transport to enhance the drawings.

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What other uses are there for coloured site plan?

Not everyone can read or understand black and white drawings but the benefits adding colour can be used for pre-application discussion, public consultation as well as marketing for brochures and websites.

What happens if the scheme has changed?

It is not uncommon that amendments may occur down the line such as changes to the layout of the scheme. We have a great selection of tools to ensure the design is kept up-to-date avoiding abortive time.

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