Do you hand draw the plans?

No, we use special CAD software to produce accurate plans when submitting applications.

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How are the drawings submitted as part of a planning application?

The drawings are submitted as individual PDF files which is submitted online by the planning portal website.

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Why PDF files?

Drawings in PDF format is the standard format that all computers can read, send and print. All companies adopt using PDF documents and drawings including the Local Planning Authority and Building Control.

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Are the drawings easy to email?

Yes, the drawings are relatively small in file size and can be easily sent by email.

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Can I obtain a copy of the PDF drawings for our own use?

Yes, you will obtain a copy of the drawings in PDF format for your own use at no cost.

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Can you print the PDF drawings?

Yes, we have an A3 printer which can print off the PDF drawings. We tend not to use larger paper formats because of larger equipment and printing costs.

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The drawings are compiled on A3, why is that?

We produce drawings on A3 size paper to ensure we fit the plans at the correct scale for both planning and construction purposes to work from. Many drawings will not fit on to A4 size paper therefore the most practical use would be to use A3 paper.

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Can I print the PDF drawings at home?

Yes, you can print the drawings off at home however some prints maybe scaled down if you only have an A4 size printer.

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I have an A3 printer, would I be able to print to scale?

Yes, you will be able to print the drawings to scale on a A3 printer.

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We only have an A4 printer at home, how do we measure off the drawings?

We can provide key measurements on the drawings to enable you to understand the size of the proposal. If in doubt, we can always provide scale prints on A3 paper.

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Do the drawings need measurements on them for the purpose of the planning application?

No, it is not necessary to provide measurements on the drawings as the Planning Officer will use a scale ruler to determine distances. If measurements were shown on the drawings, they might be reworded to avoid planning constraints, resulting in an invalid application.

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Will the builder be able to work from A3 drawings?

Most builders prefer to work off A3 drawings because it's easy to hold in one hand, easy to fold, easy and cheap to print (compared to an A1 plotter) and easy to file for storage.

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The drawing is compiled on a larger paper size, such as A2 or A1, why is that?

In some cases, drawings have to be produced to illustrate the proposal in its surrounding context for the purpose of the planning application. Therefore the drawing would have to be produced at a scale which may be too small for an A3 size paper.

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