What does a measured building survey involve?

Nearly all householder projects will require a measured building survey in order to demonstrate to the Local Authority of your intent to extend or convert the existing property as it stands.

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Do you require access to the property to carry out a measured building survey?

Yes we will require access to take measurements. Please ensure rooms are clear of any obstructions otherwise we can not guarantee the data will be accurate.

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Our rooms are full of items, can you work round them?

We can try and work around your items however if we can not take an accurate measurement, a further visit may be required resulting in a further charge.

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Do I need to be present for you to carry out the measured building survey?

You do not need to be present, however if you would like a quick meeting after the survey is carried out, you are perfectly entitled to.

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Is there a charge for the meeting after the measured building survey?

There is no charge for a meeting after the measured building survey. The meeting is to recap the proposals in case anything has changed since the fee letter sent to you.

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How long does a measured building survey take?

Depending on the size of the property but normally between 1-2 hours.

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What happens after the measured building survey?

We gather all the measurements and data and plot these on to a drawing to enable sketch proposals to be developed.

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I have existing floor plans from an estate agent, will these help?

Floor plans or any particulars from an estate agent are not 100% reliable. They may demonstrate room sizes but these plans can not be relied on as they do not pick up structural elements, drainage nor key information such as heights and depths of walls.

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I have existing drawings that came with the deeds of the house, will these help?

Existing drawings will help but it is still recommended to carry out a measured building survey in case the build is different from the original drawings.

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