We are thinking of buying a property but not convinced whether we will gain planning permission, could you help us?

Of course, if you provide us with details of the property we can look into the planning history and see whether there are any opportunities to build. We have a great working relationship with many Councils and lucky enough to get responses back however some cases may have to be referred to as a pre-application to the Local Authority.

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We are interested in buying a house, would it be possible for a consultation at the new property?

Yes, it would be beneficial to meet at the property you are thinking of purchasing so we can gain a clear understanding of what you are thinking of building and how we can progress with it.

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The property is occupied, is that an issue for a consultation?

If the property is occupied, you will need permission from the owner or estate agent to access the property. If it is difficult, you can send us details of the property by email and we'll do our best to understand what you are thinking of building but we would still prefer a site visit if possible.

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We are about to move house, do we have to wait to till we get the keys before thinking about an extension?

You do not need to wait to start proceedings until you received the keys nor exchanged contracts. Submitting a planning application only applies to the property involved regardless of who’s name is on the application forms, so you can submit a planning application before you move in.

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We have bought a new house and removed the interior, will this affect the planning application?

Not necessarily, the internal arrangement of the property does not affect the planning application however if you propose new openings for windows and doors, this may require confirmation from the Local Authority.

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We are thinking of selling our house with planning permission, would the planning permission add any value to the property?

If you have permission for a rear extension for a larger kitchen or an additional bedroom. You can add as little as 10% onto the overall sale of your property and make it more desirable to larger families when it comes to selling.

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