What is permitted development?

Permitted development rights allow householders to extend and improve their homes without the need to apply for a planning application, such as small extension or conversion of a garage.

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What is the difference between permitted development and certificate of lawfulness?

Permitted Development is a term used to describe work or improvement that is allowed without the need of a planning application. There is specific rules and criteria to follow and if the works fall outside this criteria, it may be deemed as a planning application. A Certificate of lawfulness is written confirmation from the Council that the works fall under permitted development by submission of drawings and documentation.

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Do I need a certificate of lawfulness?

We would recommend a certificate of lawfulness for all household extensions incase you sell the property at a later date and require the necessary documentation to prove that the proposed works fall under permitted development.

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We think our extension falls under permitted development, can you help?

Most small extensions do fall under permitted development but if you are unsure, feel free to get in contact however in some cases, it maybe worth a site visit.

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What is required for a certificate of lawfulness application?

A certificate of lawfulness application requires evidence to the council to prove the works fall under permitted development, such as drawings and the correct documentation.

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What is the cost of a householder permitted development application to the Council?

A fee of £86 is required to the Council in order to process for a permitted development application and in return, you will receive a certificate of lawfulness.

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How long does it take for a certificate of lawfulness to issue a decision?

The planning officer at the council will issue a Certificate of Lawfulness between 2-8 weeks. Some planning officers process a certificate of lawfulness sooner.

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I am planning a small extension, does it fall under permitted development?

There are many deciding factors to determine whether a small extension falls under permitted development. Such as where the extension is proposed in relation to the existing property. For example is the extension on the front, side or rear of the property, how tall and wide will it be, is it near the neighbours boundary. There are numerous rules to ensure the extension falls under permitted development, if you are not sure, feel free to contact and see how we can help.

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I have received an acknowledgement letter however when I look on the Council’s website, the application is not there, why is that?

Many Councils work differently, Swindon Borough Council will show Permitted Development applications online however Cotswolds District Council and Wiltshire Council will not publish applications online.

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