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You may wish to add specific criteria to the project whether its using high performance wall insulation, oak timber doors or even underfloor heating. These specifications of known items add certainty to the drawings, enabling a more definitive breakdown on when the builder quotes for the works.

detailed construction drawing service

Why do I need detailed drawings?

We always recommend that the building regulation drawings are extended with the provision of additional information such as specification of known items and architectural detail that may be specific to the project. This information once complete will enable a more accurate quote from the builder for the proposed works. If the drawings are vague, then the builder will not know what to price for and they will be reliant on making their own interpretation, providing assumptions for certain aspects of the works.

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Could we just work of the planning drawings?

It is not recommended to work off the planning drawings because the information is for planning purposes only - not for construction. We always recommend to obtain planning permission first from the council before developing the drawings in more detail, as you have more flexibility in the design. Around 90% of our clients make changes to the internal layout once a planning application is lodged or have a change in circumstances. As long as we are kept up to date on the situation, we will be happy to talk through any changes and not incur additional fees.

We are not sure what detail is required, does this matter?

If you do not have any specific requirements such as underfloor heating, extra thick insulation or even types of doors, you do not need to worry as we will specify this information to the best of our knowledge. We provide a high level of information on the drawings that include detail construction, to enable as best cost as possible, with flexibility for specific items such as sanitaryware and the kitchen design. We will present these drawings to you, so you can review before finalising the design to be sent to builders for quotations. We have had positive feedback from builders for the level of information on the drawings, which has helped many clients gain accurate costs - thank you!

detail construction drawing house extension new build quote builders building regulations planning swindon wiltshire cotswolds oxfordshire

Detail construction drawing of a new house illustrating the stairs design, floor and ceiling joist construction and key heights. This information is essential for builders to quote for the works.

colour elevation drawing new homes development planning application swindon wiltshire oxfordshire cotswolds

Detail construction drawing illustrating a block and beam floor construction to enable for builders to quote for the works.

colour elevation drawing new homes development planning application wiltshire swindon oxfordshire cotswolds

Detail construction drawing illustrating the roof eaves construction to enable for builders to quote for the works.

How long does detailed drawings take before I can send them off to a builder for a quote?

Depending on the size of the proposal will depend how long the drawings will take. Normally a house extension takes 2-3 weeks after planning permission is obtained depending on current workload. In that period we would recommend carrying out some research which builders are available and have the capacity to carry out the works. It is not uncommon that you may have had letters from interested builders while the planning application is lodged, if so you are perfectly entilted to liaise with them about their services.

Working with builders to gain quotes

Many of our clients carry out research into builders either from the internet or through recommendation. We are perfectly happy for you to do this however it is important to get on the right side of builders. Many builders will not be interested in providing quotes unless you have necessary permissions and detail construction drawings to hand. If you have permission and no detail construction drawings, then the builder may request that information from you (or not reply back).

What are the benefits of detail construction drawings?

The benefit of the detail construction drawings are for you and builder to be reassured what is being built from the outset. It will enable the builder not only to quote for the works, but also how long the build will take to complete and when they can start. These are all the factors that are important to builders, to ensure that they do not overrun and incur delays that affect their future workload. Our clients have benefited having detail construction drawings to hand, so they do not need to make any rash decisions when the builder is onsite.

What happens if we change our mind on items during the course of the build?

It is perfectly normal for you change your mind or certain items of the build such as the position of radiator or number of spotlights. We do not need to know every change as we do not want to incur additional costs on you for changing the drawings, so the best option would be to scribble on the detail construction drawings and let the builder know as soon as possible so they can price for the addition change.

Do you need to be involved with the build process?

Many of the builders we have worked with are competent to carry out the works without us interfering. Over the course of the build, the Building Control Officer or Approved Building Inspector will be liasing with the builder at certain stages of the project to ensure everything is compliant. If we are passing by, we would stop by and take a look how the build is progressing and have a friendly chat to ensure everything is going to plan. However if you require us to carry out site inspections, we would be happy to obligue for an additional fee.

Read frequently asked questions about working with builders

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