We would like changes to the drawings you sent through by email, how can we go about this?

There are many ways to describe the changes to the drawings. Most clients tend to describe the changes in an email however this can be a cumbersome process if the wording is interpreted differently. The quickest and easiest methods are to print the drawings off, draw or scribble the changes on the drawings in a different colour and take a photo using your smartphone. You can either send the photos by text message, Whatsapp, email or even send the prints in the post. The process should take no longer than a couple of minutes.

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Do you charge a fee for amending the drawings?

Small amendments to the drawings can be carried out free of charge. We prefer to amend the drawings in one go rather than go back and forth due to the time is takes to amend and print the drawings. If the works involve numerous amendments over a period of time or additional design work which is not part of the original fee agreement. We will charge a fee necessary for carrying out the additionalworks.

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When can we expect drawings to arrive?

Depending on the complexity of the project will depend how long the drawings will take to produce. We will be able to provide an estimate timescale during the consultation stage with a more accurate timescale once a measured building survey is carried out.

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How long do we have to review the drawings?

In order to keep project momentum, we normally expect comments back within 7-10 days, or over the weekend. You are perfectly entitled to review the drawings over a longer period of time however an invoice will be sent if we have not heard anything after that duration.

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Do you need to show the dimensions on the drawings for the planning application?

No we do not need to show the dimensions on the drawings, as the drawings are printed to scale. The planning officer involved with the application will be able to measure off the drawings using a scale ruler and determine certain dimensions or distances when assessing the scheme. If dimensions were shown on the drawings, these can be manipulated resulting in an invalid scheme. We will illustrate dimensions for the purposes of the feasibility design but will remove these once an application is lodged to the council.

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Do you need to show the construction details such as walls, roof and floor?

No we do not need to show the construction for producing feasibility options. The drawings produced are for the purposes of obtaining permission from the council. Detailed constuction drawings are produced later at the Building Regulation stages.

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I have sent amendments back to you, do I receive final drawings before we proceed with a planning application?

Yes, once we have received your changes, we will then amend the drawings and send a final draft for you for approval.

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How long will the amendments take on the drawings?

If the amendments are relatively simple, then you could expect revised drawing in the next couple of days. If the amendments are more complex, more time will be required to amend the drawings.

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I am happy with the drawings, do you submit these as part of a planning application?

If you have instructed us to proceed, we will submit the drawings as part of a planning application.

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