How can Ben Williams Home Design and Architectural Services help with my project?

We can help you with design, manage and gain all the necessary permissions to start your building project. These include working with you over the design, developing drawings to submit a planning application to the Local Authority, looking at how the project will be constructed and gaining quotes from builders, plus liaising with third parties such as a Structural Engineer to ensure a hassle-free build process.

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We have contacted a builder but they say we need drawings, can you help?

Yes we can help. Nearly all builders will require building regulation and construction drawings to understand the extent of the works being built. If you do not have this information to hand, the builder can not quote for the build, please call 01793 920265 for a consultation or use the contact form below to enquire about services.

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What is the difference between planning and building regulations?

Both of these are two separate pieces of legislation. Planning covers areas such as the size of the build (such as an extension or new house), its appearance, the impact it has on the neighbours and environment. When you are seeking planning, you are asking for permission to develop. Building regulations are to ensure you comply with the minimal requirements (by law) to ensure the build is safe, accessible and energy efficient. There are a set of technical standards known as the building regulations which act as a guide to ensure construction is compliant.

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I would like a consultation, how do I arrange one?

You can make a quick enquiry here or send details through to or call 01793 920265. If you leave a voicemail, please ensure you leave your name, contact number so we can call you back.

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We are not sure exactly what we want to build. Can you help?

The consultation process is to broadly get an idea of what you are thinking of building. We would be glad to help wherever possible but please do not enquire about our services if you have no intent of building in the nearby future.

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Do I need to start building straight away once planning permission is achieved?

No, you do not need to build straight away, once planning permission is granted you have 3 years to start building.

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We’ve decided to carry out an extension to our property. How long will it take before we can start building?

This depends on the extents of works involved, if the extension needs planning permission, the works will take 6-8 weeks to determine a decision plus you will need building regulation and construction drawings for the builders to work off and price for the works. On average, a single storey extension can take 3-4 months before works can begin. A two storey extension can take a little longer. It is recommended for any new project to provide a much notice as possible when committing to the design, as not all projects are straightforward. For some, delays may occur if key client decisions are not made or the local planning authority may not be supportive of the proposal. We advise that you plan in advance to ensure you gain all the necessary permissions in good time.

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I have called the Council (Local Authority) and they said it is possible to extend our property, are they correct?

The Council (or Local Planning Authority) will provide a quick background check on your property (as they usually look on google maps) to see whether there is any scope to build. They will provide guidance but never provide a definate answer until a planning application is submitted along with drawings and documentation. Once they have this information to hand, they can process the planning application and determine whether the proposal should be approved or refused.

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Do you have PI insurance?

Yes we have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Further details are available upon request.

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I have seen a extension that we would like down the street, could I have a similar extension?

House extensions come in various shapes and sizes depending on the location and surrounding area of the property. If you have seen an extension nearby, there is a high chance of gaining a similar extension to your property. However, in very small cases, you may not be able to achieve a similar size extension because the Local Planning Authority update their policies and design guidance every couple of years, therefore an extension built 10 years ago may not be built today due to the new legislation.

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